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  • About Chris and Raquel

    Chris and Raquel Abernathy, are hobby board gamers with a passion for playing. Chris started board gaming sometime around 2012. He introduced gaming to Raquel in 2016 and they have been avidly gaming together ever since.  Between the two of them they have four children (3 boys and 1 girl) ranging in age from 5-16.  Having four children of their own, and seeing the number of other children in the community, they wanted to open something that would give kids a place to go where they could not only play board games together, but could also learn new games and provide them with a new experience.  Knowing that teens and adults are also looking for things to do close to home, they wanted to ensure that they had that base covered as well….  And with that they included an escape room!  The couple design each room together and enjoy coming up with new theme ideas and puzzles for each room!